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Do you love Halloween? I do!

Halloween was never a big deal in Australia when I was growing up. To be honest, I was always so envious of American children! I would see them on television in movies, sitcoms etc. They would be all dressed up visiting their neighbors and trick or treating!!! And the houses! What can I say about the way Americans decorate their houses and yards?!?!? Some were such a work of art! I really wanted to be a part of that as a child. This is probably where my love for Halloween stemmed from.

I guess the purpose for this web site is to show Halloween to the world Australian style. Also it allows me to indulge a little in my favorite day of the year. Even though Halloween was virtually unheard of years ago, it has been gaining momentum in current years. Not so much to the extent that we have children knocking at the door all night, but it has grown in the area of parties, which is completely fine with me! I love parties and I love Halloween! I couldn’t think of a better combo!

Now, just a note for the Australians who visit this site and feel like sending me an email telling me that Halloween is an American celebration and that an Australian shouldn’t be taking part in such things. . . Halloween is actually All Hallows Eve - a religious day, the Americans just turned it into a fun celebration. So go and get dressed up and have some fun and stop worrying about who invented what!

For those Australians - the other ones, the ones that also love Halloween, send me an email of your photos and I’ll post them in the gallery for you, or you could join my web ring which is now up and running. Or you could sign my guestbook!

What are you waiting for? Lets have a look around!



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